At Lost Lagers, we aim to experience history through beer. Taking primary sources and modern techniques, we recreate historic beers. Join us to reach backwards into history and taste the past.

We are:

Michael Stein


Mike Stein is an educator, brewer, author, and historian. He is the Official Brewery Tour Guide & Historian at DC Brau Brewing Company and is a Senior Staff Writer at He received his MFA in Creative Nonfiction from George Mason University’s Creative Writing Program. His thesis focused on the history and culture surrounding beer. His research led to the recreation of historic beers in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington, D.C. With Baltimore’s Union Craft Brewing he recreated 1895 Barleyweiss, a sour ale created with a lactic fermentation as well as German ale yeast. This beer paid homage to Baltimore’s pre-prohibition brewers like Frank Sandkuhler, as well as the Baltimore and Berliner Weiss Beer Brewing Company. In Washington, his collaboration with the DC Brau Brewing Company, and the Heurich House Museum, Heurich’s Lager, paid homage to the pre prohibition beer of Washington’s most successful brewer, Christian Heurich. Most recently he has collaborated with bluejacket brewery recreating four ales based on the two-centuries old beers of the District’s first brewery, The Washington Brewery at Navy Yard. He lives in SE Washington, D.C. with wife Sarah, and dogs, Athena and Bock.


Peter Jones


Peter is an historian of beer and long time homebrewer. He’s contributed to recipe formulation and brewing for more than 10 different professional beers produced in as many breweries, including DC area favorites DC Brau, Union Craft Brewing, and Lost Rhino. Peter has also consulted for the Heurich House Museum on its namesake, the Christian Heurich Brewing Company. His work has been recognized publicly by the Washington Post, Washington City Paper, and George Mason Festival of the Book. He has nearly 10 years of experience researching in archives, museums, and libraries. If the source is out there, he’ll find it.


Some of our favorite historic beers….

Heurich’s Lager

1814 Beer Dinner

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